Saginaw Golf Course files Bankruptcy Proceedings in Cambridge

SaginawThe family operated Saginaw Golf Course in Cambridge, Ontario filed bankruptcy proceedings in October 2014 and listed liabilities of just under $3,300,000.

It’s never good to read the news and hear about a bankruptcy filing in our community as bankruptcy proceedings always effects many people such as – the owners, the creditors, the staff, the patrons and players.

I too have a personal soft spot for the golf course as not only was it a well-kept course that offered a nice challenge to golfers of all abilities (especially those as bad as me), the grounds are a beautiful green space in the heart of suburban Cambridge and it’s where my wife and I had our wedding reception in the summer of 2006.

I’ll be interested to see what happens with the proceedings and will be interested to see what happens with the land where the course was situated.

Previous owners had plans in the past to sell off part of the land and turn the remaining land into a nine-hole par 3 course with additional facilities to be added including, tennis courts, batting gages and a mini-golf course.

It remains to be seen if any of those plans would be possible if new ownership comes along to purchase the remaining assets of the golf course.  It’s also entirely possible new owners have completely new and different plans for the site.

The restaurant on site known as Saginaw Grill is hoping to be unaffected by the bankruptcy of the golf course and for now, remains open and is “business as usual”.

Hopefully the bankruptcy proceedings go smoothly for all involved and hopefully something positive can come from it in the end for Cambridge.

Questions regarding the bankruptcy should be directed to the appointed trustees or Office of Superintendent of Bankruptcy.

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