Will a bankruptcy trustee help me?

Will a bankruptcy trustee help me?NLP_2335

Yes.  You should not have anything to fear about calling a bankruptcy trustee.

Dealing with debts is not easy and calling a trustee is often a difficult decision you probably don’t want to make.  It’s probably a harder decision when you hear rumors about how the trustee works for your creditors and how you lose everything if you go bankrupt“.  Both these statements are untrue. 

Part of the job I love most about being a trustee is that I get to help people in need.  After meeting with someone for the first time, it’s often I hear them say that they wished they’d called sooner!

When you call or email me, the first thing we’ll do is ask you to explain your situation to us and we’ll ask you a few questions so that we can fully understand the details.  The more information you can provide, the better we can advise you on what options you have.

One misconception is that if you call a trustee, we’ll just talk about bankruptcies… Again, not true.  In fact the opposite is probably true – we often start off with the approach of seeing if there’s any way at all possible we can help you to avoid having to file a bankruptcy.

We’ll help by providing you information such as the advantages and disadvantages of each option available to you so that you can make an informed choice as to which option suits you best.  Each persons situation is different, which is why I offer a free consultation service in my office or over the phone.  There’s no charge or obligation.

If you decide to proceed with filing a bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or other option, we’ll walk you through the process of how to file and help prepare the necessary paperwork.

In a bankruptcy or proposal, rather than working for the creditors, we’re then appointed by the government to ensure that the process is administered fairly.  We contact the creditors for you and inform them of the rules stating that they cannot contact you anymore as you’re under the protection of the trustee and the bankruptcy/proposal.

If you give us 30 minutes of you time, we’ll provide you with answers to your questions and you’ll feel better at least knowing what options are available and which one might be best suited for you,

Call at (519) 622 3773 or email me to get started.

Howard has worked in our Cambridge office for many years helping Cambridge residents find solutions for debt problems. As a licensed trustee in bankruptcy Howard is able to explain all your options and find a solution that works for you.

Howard Hayes – who has written posts on Bankruptcy Cambridge: The Insider's View from Howard Hayes.

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